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Ernst-Happel Stadion

Ernst-Happel Stadion (Meiereistrasse 7, Vienna) – located in the second largest district of Vienna (Leopoldstadt), this is the largest stadium in Austria (with a seating capacity of 55,665). Built in the early 1930s for the second Workers’ Olympiad, it’s the current home of the Austrian national football team. Along with holding those games and UEFA […]



Donauzentrum (Wagramerstrasse 81, Vienna) – a.k.a. “Danube Centre” and located near downtown Vienna, this is a shopping mall which, like Shopping City Süd, offers a variety of retailers, along with eateries, electronics stores, supermarkets, bars and restaurants.


Austrian Dinner Show

Austrian Dinner Show (Rathausplatz 1, Wiener Rathauskeller, Vienna) — A musical journey from the mountains of Tirol, the charming lakes of the Salzkammergut, and from the romantic Danube Valley to imperial Vienna awaits the visitors of the “Austrian Dinner Show”. Traditional folklore tunes and colorful dances, a spirited “Landler“ from the Alps, romantic arias from […]



Burgtheater (Universitätsring 2, Vienna) – built in 1714 by Maria Theresa’s palace, this theater (a.k.a. National Theater, and simply “die Burg”), held a variety of theater productions & operas, such as those composed by famed Austrian musical legend Mozart. It suffered substantial damage by Allied plane bombings during the close of World War II in […]



Belvedere (Prinz-Eugen Strasse 27, Vienna) – this is a building complex that goes back to Austria’s royal period. Originally built as a summer residence of Prince Eugene of Saxony, the Belvedere consists of two Baroque palaces, the Orangery, and the Palace stables. These two palaces (Upper and Lower Belvedere) presently house a museum that displays […]


Danube Tower

Danube Tower (Donauturmstrasse 4, Vienna) – known locally as the Vienna Donauturm, this tower (opened in 1964) is the tallest structure on Austria (standing at 252 meters), and is listed as among the 75 tallest towers in the world. Located in Donaupark, it is a popular tourist attraction – with two high-speed elevators to take […]